Day 04 – Eating Cleveland

Daily Weight BP Systolic BP Diastolic
08/31/2016 172.4 114 83

I was surprised to see my weight still drop. I knew the water fast would make a few pounds difference, but I expected my potatoes to bring it back above the lowest number. I am still 1/2 pound below that. The systolic continues to drop while diastolic plateaus. I am willing to bet it will make a move soon.

I think potatoes are just the perfect mono-food for something like this. We have potatoes in our diets all the time, but always with butter, sour cream, cheese, gravy, or deep fried and salted. Potatoes are pretty meh on their own. They’re not bitter or nasty, but they’re not filled with flavor either.

In movies, if they ever want to reference a dull boring uneventful city, they will use Cleveland. If you want to understate food, use the potato, the Cleveland of plant food.

Plus, they’re easy to cook. I don’t know if microwaving them is wrong, but I doubt it (update: it’s not). At least I hope it’s okay to nuke ’em (update: it is). They are one of the rare whole foods that actually cooks well in a microwave without any fuss. Two of them for 5 minutes in a 1200 watt box and you’re in.

I like potatoes. I can’t really detect a nuanced flavor difference between russets and reds. Reds are smoother than russets in their texture. The skin is thinner too. I do notice a slight vaporous after taste in a russet. It presents itself more in my nose than my mouth.

Potatoes take a while to cool down.  During winter campouts,  I will put a potato in the fire to cook it, and then put it in a clean sock and slip it in my sleeping bag. If you keep it near your chest, you feel much better at night. When the sun rises, you pull it out of your sock and eat it, thus the emphasis on a clean sock.

You can eat them like a piece of fruit. I used to do this a lot. If I came home late from work, my wife would often put a couple of potatoes in the oven ahead of my arrival and they would be done before I got home. They stayed there on warm and I would take one out and eat it like a finger food. I would usually put some melted butter and/or sour cream in a bowl and use it as a potato dip.

Now, I just nuke them, let them cool and eat them without a fork.

Sweet Potatoes are dessert. Seriously, one “s” in desert and two in dessert will forever frustrate me. Sweet potatoes are good for the last item before I close my eating window.

Yesterday I closed my eating 7 pm. I wanted to stop at 6:00 but there were no potatoes in my house. What’s up with that? I’m going total tater tank (you’re welcome, Tim Allen) and we don’t have potatoes in the house?  I went and got some and finished a nice sweet potato at 6:30 p.m. I recorded my last meal for my fed window as 7 pm; I hate fractions.

This put my fed window at 14 hours. I resumed at 9:00 am. I haven’t found this diet to be a major challenge yet.  Day three and four, the feel bad days, are coming up. I think my water only fast may have got be past those days already. We’ll soon know.