Day 06 – Plant Lovers

Daily Weight BP Systolic BP Diastolic
09/02/2016 171 144 73

I am going to start recording my evening BP just to be sure. I took one before bedtime and it was much higher, 130/84. I need to be sure. My weight drop continues. Yesterday I had my last potato at 2:30 p.m.  I resumed eating at 9:30 a.m. this morning. That makes a 19 hour fed window. I felt stomach hunger when I got to the morning meal, but not overwhelmingly so.  I could have easily done more, but didn’t feel that had much of a point. I was not planning on doing this, it just worked out that way.

How I can continue for this long without food and not have that be my foremost thought remains fascinating. I have gone this length without eating before, but never without expressing my feelings that I am going to die soon. Even when I felt hungry after the 19 hour window, I wonder if I was truly hungry.


My Mother-In-Law is in terrible health. We don’t know what it is for certain, but she has been in a slowly deteriorating condition for years now. My wife and I both observed that her diet is pretty lousy. She doesn’t eat much and what she does eat isn’t very good for you. So we got a high-end blender for her and my wife taught her father how do make smoothies using lots of veggies. Her mom doesn’t have a lot of chewing ability. She has been taking two 16 ounce glasses a day of the smoothie recipe. Her health has improved since then and we are hopeful even though there is a long way to go. But you can see an improvement in her countenance.

This got us on a conversation with her father about eating right. We talked a lot about vegetables and eating more plants. During this time I mentioned my intended goal to go total plant based in the very near future; big mistake. I’m not supposed to talk about this diet.

My wife’s parents have a very interesting characteristic. If you suggest doing anything unorthodox, adventurous, or in any way out of their view of the mainstream, they know somebody who has died or been severely injured from it. Sailing, rock-climbing, concerts, D&D, surfing, even performing the guillotine magic trick on stage. I have done all of these and each time I tell of my experience, they tell me of their known victim.

I love my in-laws, they are like my own parents. Since my own parents are both dead, both from poor eating habits, they may as well be my own parents. But I could never live a life where I catalogue the deaths of people from activities. I couldn’t live with that amount of anxiety. My wife has some of this, but marriage to me means accepting that I am going to experience life and at times I will do it on it’s edge.

I’m not an adrenaline junkie. I don’t live to base-jump or hang-glide or bungee off a bridge, although I have bungee jumped. I like adventure and I have been in situations where I feared for my life. I don’t much enjoy them, but I don’t want to not miss mind expanding experiences either.

Apparently eating all plants, vegan eating, results in death or serious harm based on my father-in-law expertise. His expertise is his son who went vegan. I knew about this before going in. He got sick from something and the doctor told him to stop the vegan life. I had heard that, but I didn’t know all the details. What I do know is that he ate like most vegans, no meat, eggs or milk, but lots of the SOS. He is a very good pastry cook. Vegan for him was about humane treatment of animals, not health.

I am not a fan of cattle or chicken factories, but I never felt moral outrage about them either. Some activists will call me horrible for that alone.  If you think I don’t have a heart because I don’t anthropomorph animals, just keep walking.

I did not do this diet for the animals. They really don’t know much about what is happening. That shouldn’t be a free pass to go crazy on how bad we treat them. They are life and all life is precious. Some of it is precious and delicious.

I am here not really for me, but for my wife and family. I want my death to be a sad surprise to others, not a long overdue relief. I am definitely not here for my love of cows.

I’m trying to undo the past 25 years of not doing the good stuff. I don’t eat a cup of sugar and think, here’s to saving the animals. That’s kinda what my brother-in-law did. Now, he eats meat under doctors orders which sound like a load to me. He insists on range fed animals because they have a better life. Of course we still kill them after two years, so it’s not all that great. What’s more tragic: killing a happy free roaming heifer who loves his life or a miserable cramped caged one who hates his? If you have to kill a cow, maybe you should make it a mercy killing.

The point is, I am not eating like my brother-in-law. Vegan’s and plant lovers are not the same. I don’t see my path or results mimicking his even if I do buy into his “doctor made me do it” explanation. Which I don’t.