Day 09 – Potato Week One Done

Daily Weight BP Systolic BP Diastolic
09/06/2016 169.6 103 81

I left this morning without taking my BP. I will have to get that recorded this evening. It’s just as well.

(Update: BP taken in evening. The elevated diastolic may be due to a cycling done about 30 minutes before. Heart rate was elevated at this time as well which indicates the exercise was still having and effect.)

Weight remains plateaued at 169. I admit to being a little worried about this. This is the lowest I have ever gotten my weight via dieting or exercise. Moving below this number will be a first in 20 years.

Nine days later and I am a week into my potato phase with one more to go. I haven’t had a problem with potatoes so far, but I am looking forward to some other things even if it is green, dark and leafy.