Day 10 – Diet Club

Daily Weight BP Systolic BP Diastolic
09/07/2016 168.2 111 71

This diet is fight club when it comes to the first two rules. I have talked about it to others which has produced a fair amount of disdain from some. I want to say it doesn’t bother me. It does. This is especially true as some of the disdainers are close family members. That why the first rule is you never talk about it with others.

Welcome to diet club

Also, I work on the cold stress portion, but haven’t been as diligent.  Ray Cronise recommends a 30 minute cool shower. This is difficult. It’s not the temperature. It’s just standing in a shower for 30 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I shower before and after I swim. They are usually 5 minutes max. Today, I made 22 minutes in a cool shower. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy feels like it takes less time.

Another rule of diet club is no exercise during this time. I broke it. I have done virtually no exercise since starting. Yesterday, I set out on my bike again. I am keeping the intensity and duration low. Normally, I try to get 15 miles in at least twice a week and do a weekly 20 miler. Now I am riding four miles each way to train stations and letting government extracted funds take me the rest of the way. As a libertarian, I should be ashamed. As a member of diet club, I am uncertain of my cult status.

However, the mornings are in the 50’s and I am in bike shorts. Cycling affords a good breeze while you sweat. You stay pretty cold unless dress you appropriately, which I don’t. It provides that cold stress therapy, So maybe I can stay in the club.

I also resumed teaching swim lessons which is a pretty physical activity on it’s own. My favorite part is when I get out of the pool and clean up all the teaching aids with cool air blowing on me. Usually teachers wrap up in towels afterward. Now, I am using this opportunity to get a little more cold stress.

My weight dropped considerably after a 3 day flat line. I lost over a pound from the previous day. Plateaus are common as is dropping afterwards. I have been averaging about a half-pound each day. Today it was almost a pound and a half. The only time I dropped more was when I started with the water fast.

Maybe it would have happened anyway. Maybe it was the cycling. Maybe the cold stress kicked it up a notch. I really don’t know.

What I do know is how well I slept. Even with the reduced calories of an all potato regimen, I just don’t go to bed and sleep. The only cure I have ever found for my insomnia has been exercise. If I do it, I sleep better. It’s predictably causal. Exercise may not be that effective for weight loss, but it’s the best sleep aid and anti-depressant I’ve ever used.

Just take it easy, not too much energy and cycling will be fine.