Day 11 – Cronuts, Fuhrries, and Shakubuku

Daily Weight BP Systolic BP Diastolic Time Taken
09/08/2016 168 113 73 am

Man, I felt great this morning. I woke at 5 a.m. feeling totally rested. I did my lifeguarding at the pool and rode my bike from the pool to my office, about 3 miles.

Yesterday evening I felt light headed and shaky. I rode my bike that day a collective 7 miles. It isn’t much for me, but it did increase my real hunger. On top of that, my eating window closed at 2 p.m. due to a scheduling demand. I decided to eat and did so at 9:30. It was a good choice. My fed window was still a solid 12 hours.

However, after getting back on the bike, I am sleeping much better. This is true even though I am sleeping without a blanket with a temperature in the low to mid fifties as part of my cold stress routine.

I dropped .2 pounds from yesterday. Maybe the impact cycling has on my weight loss, if it ever existed, is negligible. I will watch the next few days. The biggest challenge right now is keeping myself supplied with food. I am out of potatoes right now and will need to get more today while on my bike.

The Standard American Diet (SAD), has the advantage of convenience. Americans top dollar for convenience. Plus, the processed food keeps for generations. I suspect that one day when the humans are gone, they will find tens of thousands of artifacts of products that we call food. They will conclude our demise had to do with our diet. I wish I could be there when they make this discovery. I want to know what a fossilized Twinkie is like. I am betting it’s a lot like a regular Twinkie.

As I prepare for the next stage, I am having to consider the challenge of perishable food. I’ve brought salads to work before, but I ate them that day or maybe the next. After that, I threw them out and went to the Italian deli for lunch.

Clearly, I need to plan a bit more now that I have seen just how many potatoes I go through. Now must consider the cruciferous equivalent. I can pack a fair amount in my pack, but keeping it fresh as I journey to my multiple destinations presents a challenge. I will need to make adjustments if I continue to use my bike as a main transport.


It’s worth noting that while I talk about Penn Jillette and Ray Cronise, the actual diet is really  Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s diet.   Followers of Ray call themselves Cronuts. I must also declare myself a Fuhrry.


Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, is a simple and straight forward read. If one really wants to understand what is happening with the SAD way of eating and how to get beyond it. I know there are other books, but most of them go out of their way villify a target. I am not here to expose Monsanto’s evil deeds. I care about my body and my vitality. Fuhrman offers answers. Those answers are found within us.

This book provides the framework for a good lifelong eating habits. It includes success stories, recipes, and teaches how to transition. However, making that transition is a huge challenge. The mind and body will resist. Fuhrman acknowledges this and offers the promise that it will pass. The nutrients gained in this diet will give the body the satisfied feeling. It takes time, but it happens.

Maybe, the body and the mind need something stronger. Maybe cravings can be triggered and understood sooner. What if we can reboot how we feel and think about our food? We need a food shakubuku.


This is why we do the potato only fast first. It’s why I did two days of water only fasting before. It creates a shock to the system. Put the body in panic mode and learn what the brain says to the body. Fuhrman’s book doesn’t do this. His transition and body adjustment takes longer. Ray Cronise does it and gets you started in much less time.

I added the fasting primarily to get through the period of feeling lousy much quicker. It actually taught me a lot about my hungers and made two weeks of potatoes very doable. For me the water only fast and the potato only fast is the piece that gets you a solid start on a plant based diet. It alters your food reality. It’s food shakubuku.

Ray gives us the reboot along with some added boosters. He introduced fed windows where you don’t eat for 10 hours. He introduced cold stress therapy where you do activity in a cooler environment (below 60 degrees farenheit air, below 80 degrees water) for 30 minutes. While I believe that fed windows and cold stress work, his potato fast is the true kick start.