Day 13 -Preparations For Phase 2

It’s 11 p.m. on a Sunday. I normally don’t post much over the weekend, giving that time instead to my family. Tonight, I am trying now to occupy a little time. I don’t even want to be awake at the moment. My babysitting duties demand I be so.

I wait for my first attempt of soybeans to finish cooking. That’s my babysitting job. Soybeans cooked normally take 3-4 hours according to internet sites. That range is already far too wide. Not being able to get cooking times down to less than an hour range seems pretty bad to me.

My Beans need attention

However, I moved well past my 5th hour and am looking at 6 hours to finish this job. I suspect not adding salt to be the chief reason. I don’t know if the salt’s ability to raise the boiling temperature or salt’s ability to breakdown various molecules are what make it work. All I know it I am getting near the twice as long mark. The only real projection I can make now is that I am buying a pressure cooker pretty soon.

My potato phase ends Monday night. I will be making one of Dr. Fuhrman’s soups. The next day I plan to head to the office with a load of greens and dressing from Dr. Fuhrmans recipe book. Most of the dressings ask for soy milk, almond milk, or hemp milk. I bought almonds and soy beans. I picked soy as my preferred choice based on the cost differences. I didn’t  expect to be spending the whole day waiting for them to go soft. Simmer, add water, simmer, wait, test, think of new swear words, and simmer. I’m pretty much done with this method. At least,  I would be if the stupid beans would cook already.

I am neither a bad or good cook. I  simply do not cook. This is my wife’s universe and she is its master. I enjoy the results of her alchemy and have always been perfectly happy to do so. The closest I get to cooking is warming up the car in the Winter so I can drive to Chili’s.

I helped. I started the car.

This new way of eating forces a change on me. It’s the only way I can trust that the standards are being followed. My wife and daughter-in-law cooked up batches of black beans and froze them. I was very grateful till I found out they cooked them in liquid of canned chicken broth. Anybody looked at the salt levels in any canned food? The sodium reaches Chernobyl levels of toxicity.

So I need to create new batches for me just to make sure my blood doesn’t taste like the Dead Sea after a meal. Let the cooking classes begin.