Day 14 -Potato Phase Results


Daily Weight BP Systolic BP Diastolic Time Taken
9/12/2016 165.2 113 73 am

I will end potato time tonight with a soup from Fuhrman’s recipes. I am leaning towards a mushroom soup thing. This also means it is my last weight measure on only potatoes. It also is a pretty long term farewell to the potato. As a mono-food, it’s perfect. As a health food, it’s way to starchy for frequent use.

It’s time to go green. Yes, there will be a variety of other colors, you need the other colors. But they will always be on a base of deep rich green.

My attempt is to use cruciferous as my main base food, decorated with the colors of the other veggies as well as beans, onions and mushrooms. Berries and other fruit and nuts will be used only sparingly. I am still pursuing aggressive weight loss. I want to keep this until the end of October, a six week total.

I figured since this was the end of a period it would be good to chart my current progress.

I had set a short term goal to hit 160.00. I have nearly hit that before going strict nutritarian/Fuhrry. Now I am just going to see what the next 6 weeks will do. I was surprised to see my weight drop hit the .9 pounds daily range just as Penn Jillette described in his book. Being smaller and not having the same issues he initially did, I expected less dramatic results.


Bear in mind that I only take the body measurements once a week. This means the chart is showing trends off of only three samples. I have always been smaller and even in my high school days when I worked weights and swam tons, I never got big. My chest size dropped just a bit while my hips and waist at all three points have come down.


I already had small arms. I don’t know how much muscle I am cannibalizing at present. I know swimming has become more difficult.


I have lost only  a quarter inch on my left thigh, and a half inch on my right. I am left handed and my left leg is much more dominant as witnessed by my ankle therapy results. My legs are in better shape than other parts of my body owing to the running/cycling routines I did. I still cycle, so losing less here makes sense. It also suggests that in parts of my body where muscle is more of the mass, I am losing less. This gives me hope that I am not removing a lot of muscle.