Day 14.5 – Insomniac

This is why I must continue to exercise. It’s not about weight loss or body building, it’s about equalizing me.

I rode my bike all the way from the pool last Friday, a distance of around 10 miles. I took it slow. When I got home, I was really tired. The potato thing has a way of reducing your appetite. Your body gets to recognize the whole mono-diet and it stops asking for other stuff. When you know you can go for a while without food and you just don’t want another potato, you can ignore your hunger. Cravings should be dismissed. Hunger needs attention.

I was pretty shaky and light headed for a good part of Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Because of this, I didn’t exercise today. Part of this new lifestyle is adequate sleep. For me, that means exercise. Everytime I don’t do it, I pay. Presently, I am sitting outside getting my cold stress on. I really need to talk about my cold stress efforts,  but not today. Sometimes writing invites drowsiness. I think this may be the case right now. 2 1/2 hours of sleep is better than nothing, right? Anyone?