Day 16 -Faux Revolution

Daily BP Systolic BP Diastolic Time Taken
9/14/2016 117 78 am

Let’s talk spit in the literal sense. I really want to talk about my saliva.

Within a day of my potato phase, I noticed that my saliva was more prevalent and had a sweet taste about it. I had been told in the past that was evidence of ketosis. I have my doubts about that. Fuhrman talks about real hunger making the glands produce more and it making the food taste better. I think this is what I am experiencing.

I felt a constant, almost distracting sweetness in my mouth that accompanied a tightness in my throat that made me want to swallow. I would wake up with this regardless of how many potatoes I ate the night before. Water would rinse away the taste for only a little while.

I woke up early today without the aid of a clock. I was out of bed before 3 a.m. Given my previous night, I expected to be down for at least 2 hours longer, possibly three. I went to bed a little after 9 p.m. which meant I was sufficiently tired. Still, I should have been down for at least seven hours, not five.

Waking up like this is not all that unusual for me. In fact, I expect I will be having a crash around 5 a.m. and sleep till 6:30, making me officially behind my schedule. It’s a a good time to write. I also feel the mental energy to do so. This is different. I don’t feel much like doing anything when I wake up this early. Even if stress awakens me, I just feel anxious, but lethargic. It’s different this morning. My sweet spit also changed. It’s not there.

Did I consume more calories with my first real plant meal than on my potato days? I have big doubts that I did. Potatoes are starch bombs. They aren’t the nuclear WMDs that paleo people make them out to be, but they are higher in carbs and calories than most plant foods. Even Fuhrman makes a point to be cautious in their overuse. If I ate the same amount of food mass in potatoes as I did in my greens, which I believe I did, and if the greens have fewer calories for the same mass, where is my sweet mouth?

Put in more simpler terms, where is my hunger? My fed window is currently at 12 hours. I anticipate a 16 hour long window today based on my hunger feeling. I achieved this frequently on potatoes, but it still required some efforts of distraction on my part. Right now, if I ate, boredom would be the reason. I have no cravings, no stomach rumbles,  no sweet saliva looking for something to break down. I am, perhaps for the first time in my memory, satisfied and not full.

This is revolutionary. I have dieted before. I have gone salad focused before. I always hated it and stopped after a week. No matter how much I ate, I could not feel satiated. Now, I walk into my kitchen and dining area and feel okay even though the gauntlet of processed food-like substances still exists.

Harvest time has come. Boxes of peaches and pears barricaded my counter and table. Nectartines and bananas sit in bowls so as to steer us away from the boxes of fruit that are there for our long term pantry. We have suspended bottling due to the sugar content in traditional bottling. We are now freezing and vacuum packing as we research sugar free methods or examine freeze drying.

I can now smell differences in fruit that is together. It smells good and I know it tastes better. I am keeping fruit use to a minimum level. Mostly I use it to make a blended salad smoothie more tolerable. That means about 1/2 peach/pear/apple each day or 1/2 cup of berries. Snacking on fruit is out till I get to my goals. Smelling the different fruits is pretty cool. The lack of cravings makes it so.

I am just beginning the all plant G-bomb phase. My focus is greens. Beans, onions, and mushrooms will play only a supporting role and berries as stand-ins for the time being. I want to love the sweetness of vegetables.

My  weight is still coming down. I measured 164.6 this morning. I will check BP after my nap.

update: Fell asleep after writing this. Woke up 90 minutes later without an alarm.