Day 39 – Interventions


Daily Weight
10/2/2016 156.6
10/1/2016 156.6
9/27/2016 159.6

The Month has ended. It’s chart time.

September Weight Trend
September Blood Pressure
September Core Trend
September Arm Trend
September Thigh Trend

What can I conclude beyond the diet being successful so far? I think there is good evidence that fat is diminishing more than muscle.  My loss around my waist is greater than my chest, arms, or thighs. My arms and thighs seem to have leveled while my waist drops. The rate of drop in my chest is not at the same rate at the waist area.

As my weight nears the 150 mark, I am being told it is enough. I am losing too much, too fast. This concern has been raised by a co-worker who asked if I am worried. I explained my position. He seemed interested or at least satisfied I knew what I was doing. It was then raised by those closest to me.

I understood this was to be expected from what I have been reading. I told those concerned that I feel like I am on track for what I want and that I have a set  a date and a weight for moving to maintenance. I will begin based on which ever one occurs first. I thought that would be enough to placate them.

But this was an intervention. And my loved ones would not be denied. They were intervening for something that was not a crisis or an addiction. I tried to be passive. I agreed to accept and consider concerns, but I was also confident I was where I should be for what I have done and that all indicators show my health to be improving.

I explained that my body is functioning well. I eat regularly and in decent volumes. I explained that my body is not demonstrating malnutrition either in my face or my torso, that I’m not lethargic nor am I behaving like someone with an eating disorder. I’m still active and exercising with modest intensity. My bodily functions were normal. My BMI was clear that I am in no danger.  I was far from any health risks.

There was one side effect of concern to me. Often when I stood up, I would get light headed. I had to be mindful about getting out of a chair. I need to give myself a moment after standing to ensure all is well. I put my head down towards my legs just to be safe. It may be that the exercise with this diet is too much. It was a concern, but not evidence that I had gone too far.

Penn described a similar experience in his book. He had to resort to sucrose tablets before his shows to prevent any dizziness. It was unexpected for him as for me. In spite of this, my higher energy levels had not diminished. I had to reduce my medication by half to prevent chronic insomnia. This was a good thing, I thought.

I made these points and still agreed I will consider their concerns. It wasn’t enough to appease them. I was told I am becoming obsessed. I was sincere about being cooperative, but I couldn’t be passive about their pressing me.

I pointed out the empty sheet cake box that the family emptied at a pace that exceeded of the amount of partakers. I observed the pitchers of punch we make daily and the fact we keep a stock of sweetened, powdered punch drinks and use them all the time.  I observed the butter and syrup for the waffles which were already made with a lot of sugar.

I indicated the from fast food restaurants that are always around; In the trash, or on the table or on the arm of the couch. My children regularly make late night trips to places in spite of my warnings. They leave these bags lying around next to  bags of candy and cookies. There is junk food  from one end of this house to the other. I can seldom sit anywhere without there being edible food-like substances: Peanut butter, gummy worms, Nilla wafers, Oreos, fun sized candy in bowls, the list is longer than the effects of their indulgence.

I asked, who is truly obsessed here? Which of us jams cookies and  fruit snacks into the hands of the toddler children as fast as they can ask? Which of us has carpet bombed the home with things we erroneously call food?

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.49.02 AM
We are here to address your healthy eating obsession.

In this environment, how can I not be extra-focused? How can I change my lifestyle in a home that pushes a life reducing one at every turn without some obsession. When I pointed all of these hypocrisies out, I was told I was being ridiculous.

My home is ridiculous. My oldest daughter just found out she has fatty deposits on her liver and if she doesn’t change soon, she will face liver disease. She is 22 years younger than me. All three of my daughters are overweight. Two are obese. I did not teach them this. I probably shouldn’t say anything or even write about it. I know how personal it is.

I am not trying to shame them, but it was ridiculous it was that I was seen as the one having the problem. Interventions are a response to addictions. In terms of food, I am not the addict, or a least I am a recovering one. I told them I should be doing the interventions, not receiving them.

Unfortunately interventions for overeating are unnacceptable. This whole fat shaming thing has prevented us from talking about the largest health problem in the country. Only when the person reaches morbid obesity do we intervene. More specifically, the doctor intervenes and we call the surgeon for a little bariatric procedure that is far from minor.

My family did not intervene maliciously. The dysfunction that created our conflict is a societal one. We have obese folks all around us. We see overweight as the social norm. We see SOS based eating and SAD diets as mainstream while eating mainly plants is considered extreme. If a person gets gastric surgery, either a bypass or a band, we applaud them and the resulting weight loss. If someone loses a similar weight by changing bad and mediocre practices, we call them obsessed. When it comes to diet and nutrition, we haven’t just lost our way, we have lost our ability to reason.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.32.17 AM
Are you thin shaming me?

Nonetheless, I am taking a weekend off of the diet. I think I am going to regret this. But it is causing contention and I already have a propensity for conflict.



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  1. There is always going to be someone who is jealous, not as disciplined, and threatened by your progress. Them seeing you do it takes away their excuses. It puts their own issues front and center. This is where the conflict comes in. And I have found giving into the emotional tantrums of those who are uncomfortable with prioritizing health, makes the tantrums both worse and more prevalent. Do not negotiate your health with people who are unwilling to prioritize health; it’s like asking a penguin advice on how to become a cheetah!

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