Halfway Through Potato Fast

Day 7

Weight 155.2, Waist 35/35.25/35.50, Arms 12, Thighs 21, Neck 15, Wrist 6

Turns out the uneven bathroom floor can play tricks. A few adjustments either direction and I am dropping 10 pounds a day or gaining the same. After a move to a more trustworthy surface, I see the weight posted.

I officially completed my first week which I ended with a 22 hour water only fast. My post-fast meal gave me a large hunger I ate later than normal. This left me with just a 10 hour fed window. I woke this morning with feeling slow and found it difficult to get going. This happened around this time before. It isn’t that I feel terrible, just that getting going requires a bit more thoughtful actions. If I refrain from panic about not being able to do things, I think this passes.

One of the more confident inducing ways I measure myself is the belt notches. This morning, I went up one out of need. I will most likely need to return to one down out of similar necessity. The purpose of the recorded measurements seen at the top of entries above has to do with calculation of BMI and body fat percentage. My current BMI is at 24% which is considered normal, but only barely so. My body fat percentage is 25%, also in the high end of normal. I want to get to the lower half of these.

Preparations for the end of the week are underway. I returned to my reading of Dr. Fuhrman as well as the included companion cookbook. I also took to Facebook for some groups related to vegan eating. I think I will regret this last step. I will post more about that at a later date.

(Update: Belt remained up a notch comfortably)