Telomeres And Food Rules

Telomeres And Food Rules

Day 8
Weight 154.4

New achievements and new lessons make up this week.

The weight continues to drop and I do have some side effects. I feel more light-headed getting out of bed. I am more exhausted in the evenings. I am trying to finish my work the the evening business earlier as I run out of energy and lose focus sooner. I am sleeping much deeper at the same time.

I came home around 9:30 p.m. to four pans of brownies and sheet’s of cookies in the dining room, remnants of a Mother’s Day gathering. My wife sent most of it with others who were visiting us that night. That’s kind of a self preservation act when I think about it.¬† They see it as a kindness, but what we are really saying is “better that you lose your health than us.” I can live with that.

Please, take it all. I want to outlive you.

I came home with a true hunger that was added upon by cravings for the sweet cakes. Fruit also could be seen in the middle of it like little imps urging me to lean into the sweets till I am sucked into it. I still resisted. I wasn’t a matter of huge willpower, it was being mindful of what I was feeling and knowing I had the power to refrain.

I will spend multiple entries on mindfulness one day. It’s only a part of a new book called The Telomeres Effect. It’s powerful medical science that validates a great many things about a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just diet and exercise, although that is a very big part. It’s about building meaningful connections in your community and having meaningful relationships. It includes taking time to become mindful of your feelings and thoughts about things. What is says about aging is fascinating.


I also want to take a moment and reiterate my favor for Michael Pollan’s work. His views about food are the best core advice out there. His mantra: Eat Food, not too much, mostly plants is one of the best when fully understood. If one were to not follow a total plant-based diet for whatever reason, Pollan’s work would be the next best thing.

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

I don’t give Pollan enough credit with me being a nutritarian. His work has been influential in getting me here now. I eat beyond his mantra by trying to eat only plants. I think there is space¬† between Fuhrman and Pollan to find a balance and I think the two are saying the same thing in different ways.

Both of these authors have something in common. They deal with complex and convoluted concepts, but the conclusions imply actions for each of us that are simple.