If Potatoes are Magic, Maybe Beans are Too?

Weight 152.2

I ended my mono-diet on Sunday evening as planned.
I ate turnips like melon slices and radishes like grapes. I love the heat that comes with these.I cooked brussel sprouts. I love the hint of butter flavor in them.

I see turnips and radishes. May I leave the asylum now?

It was a big supply of food that I enjoy eating. I never feel like I have to learn to like it. None of that changed over the months on the diet.

Unfortunately, just like before, satiety was missing. No matter how much I eat, I do not feel satisfied. It’s not flavor; I love the taste of veggies. It’s not substance, I eat plenty. It’s is not nutrients.

Before the mono-diet, I followed nutritarian for five months and the cravings for certain things remained without abatement. Eventually, I gave in to a bowl of sweetened cereal, and then another, and another.

The next four months were a series of attempts, failures, and retries. I never gave up, but I could not manage the cravings. Eating something sweet triggered desires for more.

I took to eating more fruit instead. I ate more fruit than greens on some days. I put down three bananas and two apples in a sitting. Even with the fruit, I still had days of pastry or cereal. My weight increased. I had lost almost 40 pounds in five months and have gained 15 over that past three.

The whole thing was going to crash soon. I love how I look and feel using Eat To Live (ETL) principles. But the cravings never stopped or reduced and I did not have the self-control to resist. I still don’t.

I can resist meat, dairy, oils, and even eggs which were my staple for my entire life. I can keep salt to a minimum with no effort even when I’m not eating consciously. Eating without added salt is easy.

Sweet food is my kryptonite with cereal being the worst form of it. Maybe I ate so much sugar before my lifestyle change that stopping it will take much more time and effort than most.

Yeah, it kinda feels like that.

This morning was similar. I steamed up a good mix of broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, and cabbage. I love the taste and filled on a decent volume. I had to consciously force myself was from grabbing a bag of cereal near me. I reached for it almost as a reflex action. Satiety did not exist.

In an earlier post, I reviewed the reduction of cravings I had while eating only potatoes. Now, it’s not 24 hours into my diet, and cravings threatened to get the best of me after two weeks of only potatoes. So, I cooked and ate one-half of a medium sized potato just to see.

The cravings abated. They reduced more than if I ate the cereal which I was mentally begging to do. They reduced more than if I ate the fruit. They reduced more than if I gave up entirely at ate a Twinkie.

Here’s the problem. Potatoes are considered the traitor of vegetables; the high glycemic equivalent of caloric sabotage. Paleos hate them. Aktins doesn’t trust them. Fuhrman warns against them. Yet a small amount of it and I was good to go with cravings being well managed.

I guess a potato can be a bit dangerous.

Now, readers are going to conclude that I got a sugar fix. I disagree. Sugar fixes generate more cravings and you eat more of the sugar till your body feels off. If I had a bowl of cereal, I would have had at least two. I would have eaten three bananas after saying “just one”. If cakes or cookies were the selection, screw it. I’ll call you next week when I wake up from my coma.

This was one half of one modest, on the small side of medium, potato. It managed my cravings within a few minutes after eating and nothing else was needed.

But Fuhrman is right about the potato. His position paper is accurate. I need to be cautious about eating too much.

The alternative may be beans. The reason potatoes may work so well might be the resistant starch in them. Beans have even more. The nature of this will be presented at another time.

If I reflect back, I didn’t have a lot of beans. I like them, but their classic effect is not lost on me or those near me. I may need to figure that part out.

I intended to stay very close to only cruciferous for the next week. I am adding the full G-BOMB instead. My emphasis will be on greens as always, but it’s time to bring in the back beat and the bass. I will add beans and then see if things improve.


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