I Gotta Be Me?

This is personal, be warned. It has little to do with health blogging and more to do with organizing my thoughts. It belongs in a more private journal. But I wanted to be open about who I am in a quasi public arena. Calling this blog public is an exaggeration given how few people read … Continue reading I Gotta Be Me?


Day 39 – My Cold Stress Therapy

Daily Weight 10/7/2016 153.4 10/6/2016 154.8 10/5/2016 154.6 Metabolic Winter is a hypothesis put forth by Ray Cronise in collaboration with two other top researchers in the medical field. Rather than bio the whole thing here, I recommend you read Ray Cronise's blog about the experience┬áhere. I bring up Ray's name because I have been … Continue reading Day 39 – My Cold Stress Therapy

Day 39 – Interventions

  Daily Weight 10/2/2016 156.6 10/1/2016 156.6 9/27/2016 159.6 The Month has ended. It's chart time. What can I conclude beyond the diet being successful so far? I think there is good evidence that fat is diminishing more than muscle.  My loss around my waist is greater than my chest, arms, or thighs. My arms … Continue reading Day 39 – Interventions

Day 15 – Exercise is Sleep. Broth is Gravy.

The daily chart was not added today. My three hours of sleep just don't get me all that focused. So, I forgot to check my BP before I zombied out the door this morning. Here's the punchline: I mixed up my days and didn't have to work the A.M. shift at the pool. I could … Continue reading Day 15 – Exercise is Sleep. Broth is Gravy.