Phase Two: Six Week Living Plan

This is the plan in Eat To Live. I have already summarized it in the page on preparation. By this time, you should have read the book and be prepared to follow the plan.

I ended my two week mono-diet and began the six week plan by first eating only cruciferous vegetables and dark leafy greens for one week. I added colors to my vegetables the next week.

The third week, I added fruits. This would become my next challenge. By this time, I had gone four weeks without fruit. My first bite into an apple tasted like something reserved for the Greek gods. I over ate fruit that day and had to be cautious. It still tastes like a major extravagance. I eat a lot of berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries are often added to salads.

From the start of the six week plan, I used spices and vinegars. I am especially fond of balsamics.

I neglected to add beans like I should have. The result was I gave up a lot of satiety. I missed the value of beans the first time I read Fuhrman’s book. That was a mistake. I now include it at the recommended quantities.